If you are looking for ways to boost your online presence, SEO agencies have found ways to do it better. For a company to get the best internet marketing outcomes, there are specific characteristics that are important for businesses to consider before hiring an SEO company. Here is a list of top attributes of excellent SEO implementations services to evaluate before hiring.

Keyword phrases

Keyword phrase research allows for the incorporation of language into your content to target your audience with relevant phrases that they are likely to search and find your products or services on the search engines. Strategically place keyword phrases within your content so that your website becomes the best match for a given query.


Writing compelling copies that will send the audience frenzy to act is a way to market your products and services, but combined with keyword phrases, you can bet on it to deliver the best ranking on the search engines.

External linking

These are links from other websites to your website. It serves like recommendations from other websites so that search engines can provide results to the audience by evaluating the quality of external sites linking to your website.

Title tags

Title tags define the theme of your website pages for a narrow focus on the subject for readers to grasp what your page is all about. With the descriptive title tags, search engines can clearly understand what your page is all about and relay results to the relevant audience.

Header tags

Header tags are fundamental for search engines to evaluate relevant information on your web page. It also helps readers scan through your page and know immediately what your web page is talking about, especially when the time to read through the content is limited.

Internal links

These are links that help readers navigate between different pages of a website. They serve to assist search engines to crawl your site easily.


URLs can get mixed up quickly. Therefore, it is vital to set up an official URL for a website plus 301- redirects where necessary. A meaningful URL for each page can help search engines and people know what a given page on a website is all about.


A sitemap is a map of your website that helps the audience easily navigate through your website pages to find relevant information quickly.

Meta description

Meta description technically does not add value to your SEO strategies, but it has some impact on the results an SEO strategy can achieve. They are a brief description of a website to be displayed on the search engine results. A missing meta description is missing an opportunity for you to compel readers to click through.


Analytics helps website owners analyse the performance of a website and suggest a relevant adjustment to improve performance on ranking. A right SEO agency will bring to the roundtable the numbers for you to discuss and understand what those graphs and figures mean.

Social media

Presence in social media is popularly increasing, and search engines are finding ways to incorporate social media presence in their search engine algorithm. The more they engage your website or mention it on the social media platform, the better your search results on the search engines become.

The list of items that go into quality SEO is endless; these are essential aspects a website needs before hitting the waves.