Factors to consider when hiring a litigation lawyer in Melbourne

One of the most challenging moments in your life is when you are dealing with litigation and legal disputes. This is because the litigation process is not that simple but very demanding for any individual. The good thing is that when you have the right litigation lawyer, you will have a very easy and simple time. Also, you are assured that you will have favourable results for your litigation case.

You need to know that if you are looking for a litigation lawyer in Melbourne, you have to be very keen since the number of such lawyers is very high. Therefore, there are many chances of hiring lawyers who may not be able to help you with your case. Since you do not want to make any mistakes, there are several factors that you need to consider to help you make the right decisions. These factors discussed in this article guide you in finding a good litigation lawyer today in Melbourne.


This is among the factors that people will have to look for when they are hiring lawyers in Melbourne. Everyone will want to hire lawyers who have been practicing law for the longest time since they know that they have gained so much experience that will help them win their cases.  However, when it comes to litigation law, things are quite different.

This is because litigation law is quite different from the other types of law. For this reason, a lawyer who has practiced litigation law for a few years may have more experience than one who has been in the field for a longer time.  For this reason, do not think about the number of years that the lawyer has been in the field but the amount of experience they have gained.  When you look at the number of years, you may be leaving lawyers who have more experience behind since they have been there for a shorter time.


As far as you have to think about the levels of qualifications and experience of the litigation lawyers you will be hiring; you need to look at their personality. This is because this is what defines the litigation attorney you will hire.  You need to ensure that you are hiring a lawyer who you feel comfortable with when you are around them, and also, you trust and believe that they will do all it takes to help you as their client.  At times you may look at the gender and age of the lawyer that you are most comfortable around so that you may have an easier time with your lawyer.

Cost of services

This is among the factors that people will forget about when they are hiring lawyers. However, if you want to have the best litigation lawyer, you have to ensure that this factor is in your mind.  The charges for different lawyers are very different, depending on factors like location and level of experience. Hence, you have to identify the lawyers that you will be able to pay for the services they offer you.


This is another important factor you should never forget when you are hiring a lawyer practicing litigation law.  Always know that you are not the only clients who will be requiring the services of litigation lawyers Melbourne; therefore, you have to look for the lawyer who will always be there to offer you the services that you require at all the time.

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Tips for lawyers starting their law firms

The only way that you will know that you are a qualified lawyer is when you put your skills to practice. So many lawyers today are skilled and experienced, but they do not get as much work as they want since they work under other lawyers. Therefore, their skills are not adequately utilised.

 In case you are aspiring to do more than you are doing when you are working under other lawyers, you need to think about starting your law firm so that you can be capable of working as you aspire.  This is one of the ambitions that most of the lawyers have, but they do not know how to go about the process of starting and running their law firms. For this reason, they end up spending some money starting the law firms, but they do not succeed. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you get the right tips that will help you when starting your law firm without making any mistakes. The process can be very overwhelming, but the tips discussed in this article will make things easier for you.  These tips include:

Have a plan

Just like when you are starting any other business, a business plan is essential. This is because it guides you through the process of starting your business. This is also the case when you are starting a law firm. For the lawyers seeking to start law firms, they must come up with plans that will guide them through the process. The business plan will highlight several factors that are of the essence of law firms. This includes the amount of funds to raise, the competitors to face, marketing strategies and other important factors.

Decide on your area of specialisation

The word lawyer represents a group of people who practice different types of law. Therefore, you have to ensure that you identify the kind of law that you will be practising. This will be determined by the field of law that you are qualified in.  At times when you have several lawyers at your disposal, you can have a law firm that handles different types of laws.

Select an ideal location for your firm

 The other thing that most lawyers fail to do when they are starting law firms is selecting a location that is ideal for their law firms. Therefore, this makes the law firms not to succeed. It is always very essential for you to check on the location where you will be setting your law firm.  An ideal location is where the number of competitors is not high.

It would be best if you also considered the cost of living in the area where you will be setting up your law firm. This is because the law firms that are set up in areas where the cost of living is high end up spending so much money on rent and other things yet the law firms cannot afford to spend so much at the start.

Get a permit

For clients to trust you with the services that you are offering, you have to ensure that your law firm is legitimate. This is why you have to ensure that you get a permit from your local authorities.  You will also have to ensure that you have an employer identification number with you when you are starting law firms in any place.

Acquire the necessities

There are no law firms that will function without the required necessities like furniture, files, telephones,  computers, printers, scanners, and law books to refer to. Therefore, you will need to ensure that all these necessities are at your disposal before you select your law firm.

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing an Accounting Firm in Melbourne

If you are a person with determined financial goals, you will know the importance of an accounting firm for your business. If, however, you do not have a firm associated with your financial goals, you may be in a bit of a rut. The reason as to why it is vital is because the said firm is updated with the new tax laws, financial experience, advice and the power to carry out the success of determined goals within a desired time frame. However, there is always the scamming perspective that should be taken into consideration. To mitigate that, we have devised a few things for you to take into notice before opting for the said firm.


Before opting for a firm, you should try skimming through the credentials that the firm exhibits to the public. To fulfill your accounting needs, you must ensure that the team of professionals that you hire are capable of providing you with the wishes that you carry. There are three certification bodies known in Australia; Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), small business accountant melbourne.


You might think any accounting firm can offer you the experience that you require. But, what you do not know is that these firms have excelled with the financial experience associated with various fields. Hence, you can hire a firm which can help you with your goals, rather profoundly with relation to your field.


Another thing to consider before choosing a firm for your accounting needs is to check whether they can be made available at the time of need or not. Some firms tend to keep a monthly check over the accounting information but at times, there is an urgent need to take experience from a professional which is why it is important to know the availability of the firm.


What is the oldest technique in the book? Fetching for references and sources in order to hire the best person in the town. This never goes out of style and proves to be the most effective of techniques in terms of hiring. Recommendations taken from your trusted friends and family can be utilized to hire the firm that you think will help you achieve your financial goals effectively.

Personal connection

At the end of the day, you should always go with your gut. If you do not feel comfortable with the way the firm is handling your accounting needs, you can always look for another firm or expert. The accounting services are confidential services that require privacy. Hence, if you do not feel like sharing the financial information with the specific person, you should opt for another firm.

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the course of study and the degree in law

It is a false belief that only those who have studied humanities can be lawyers. To be sure, the knowledge of Latin can help us understand and memorize certain words and brocardi that lawyers continue to use, with a morbid attachment to tradition. But there are no gender preclusions.

The discourse at the university is different. It is necessary to obtain a degree in law (or “law degree” if you prefer). Currently the course of study foresees the so-called “magistrale degree”, that is a course of five years, with the classic 3 + 2, that is three-year basic degree and specialistic degree.

The degree mark is not influential for the subsequent qualification to the profession.

The internship to become a lawyer
After graduation it is necessary to carry out the legal internship or, as some call it, the apprenticeship. The practice must be carried out in the office of a lawyer who has been enrolled in the register for at least 5 years.

There are no different roads depending on whether you want to become civil or criminal lawyers: you can carry out one or the other activity indifferently, following the same path that we will describe here. The internship lasts 18 months.

However, if the young person has a diploma from the graduate school, he will be able to replace the forensic practice within a year.

During the practice period it is necessary to participate in 20 hearings per semester (60 hearings altogether). The presence of the practitioner at the hearing will be indicated in the report (which is drafted by the registrar or, more often, by the lawyers themselves) and the judge will verify the actual presence of the young person.

The forensic practice is not incompatible with public or private subordinate work, provided that such work is not an obstacle to actually performing the internship.

Graduates enrolled in the practice from 28 September 2018 must attend a training course alongside their 18-month training period. To guarantee homogeneity of preparation and evaluation, the National Forensic Council (Cnf) has developed Guidelines with indications on the contents of the courses, on the accreditation system and on the costs borne by the practitioners. The teaching method indicated by the Guidelines is the “case study” method, in which the teacher submits a controversial case, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature that the trainees will have to “solve”.

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One must know how to “stay a lawyer”

How to become a lawyer? A question to which we could offer two answers: the first, illustrating what are the educational qualifications, the internships, the qualifying exams, the personal conditions and, in short, the whole formal procedure to “make” the lawyer; the second, instead, explaining the motivations, the gifts, the initiative that the lawyer must have in order to really “be” a lawyer. You become a lawyer following a degree course in law and an internship period. Then there is the qualifying examination for the profession, which is both written and oral. But this is not enough.

One must know how to “stay a lawyer” by paying the professional fund, attending professional refresher courses and acquiring some indispensable tools (a telephone / fax line, a Pec, a system for accessing the telematic process). But before explaining how to become a lawyer a clarification that seems obligatory to us: is the profession always the same as it used to be and is it convenient to embrace this path? Here is our point of view about it.

The rules for becoming a lawyer change from time to time, sometimes in order to select, in a more rigorous way, the aspirants to a career that, once endowed with luster, today has lost much of charm and economic appeal: the fees are not more than in the past and the number of citizens who, in exchange for a justice that is not always fair, are willing to wait years and pay exorbitant taxes has drastically decreased. Moreover, the recent reforms have led out of the courts numerous proceedings once exclusively for lawyers,

such as separations and divorces (which today can also be done in common under certain conditions) or transactions (for many causes, today, it is mandatory to attempt a peaceful solution first with a mediation body).

Which led to a further decrease in the demand for lawyers. Nevertheless we cannot deny how the profession of lawyer continues to exercise a certain attraction, if only for the fact that – as well as with medicine – daily life has continuous need of legal knowledge, which alone – in a bureaucratic state like ours – allow, in certain situations, to “survive”. The proof is perhaps the fact that you are now wondering how to become a lawyer.

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